Virginia Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

NIAAA Hall of Fame

The NIAAA Hall of Fame was created to honor retired athletic administrators who had exemplary careers in athletic administration. The NIAAA Hall of Fame is goverened by the NIAAA Board of Directors and involves a three-level process composed of the Screening Committee, the Rating Committee and the Board of Directors.  Congratulations to the following athletic administrators for dedication and service to the professional and their selection into the NIAAA Hall of Fame.

2018 Bruce Bowen, CMAA and Don Riviere
2017 Sandy Hadaway, CMAA

2016 Dr. Carol Chory, CMAA
2015 Dave Morgan, CMAA and E. David Nelson, CMAA
2013 Donna King, CMAA 
2012 Jeff Dietz, CMAA 
2011 Jimmy Omps, CAA 
2009 John C. Youngblood, CAA