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Virginia Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

Summer Institute

The VIAAA will offer our Annual Leadership Training Program Summer Institute in Charlottesville at Monticello High School on July 18-19, 2022.  The institute will offer eight leadership training courses during this two-day workshop. More Information Here

Cost for the institute is based on the number of courses a student takes. See listing below: 1 course - $100.00   2 courses - $190.00                                      

Late Registration Fee after July 8, 2022 is $10.00 for one course and $20.00 total for more than one course.

ONLINE REGISTRATION INFORMATION (Pay Online with a credit card or by check):  If you do not have an AMP account, email Lisa Corprew at to request access.

For hotel reservations: The VIAAA has contracted a special rate for this event of $114 plus tax. This rate includes free internet access and a hot breakfast bar. The block of rooms is located at the Hyatt Place, 2100 Bond Street, Charlottesville.  When making a reservation by phone, please call 800-993-4751, mention the group code for this event: G-VA72.  For online reservations use this link:  RESERVATIONS NEED TO BE MADE PRIOR TO THURSDAY, JULY 1, 2022 (to ensure you receive this rate and a room).  

We recommend that you bring a laptop that you will be using at work or home.

For additional information, contact Kevin G. Adams at, 804-640-3242(Cell) or email

The following courses will be offered:

Monday, July 18, 2022 at Monticello HS at 2 PM

LTC 616 Athletic Administration: Management of Indoor Physical Plant Assets
This course considers spectator facilities, special use gymnasia, natatoriums, laundry rooms and locker rooms, and the various systems that support them. Mechanical system checklists for use in regular inspections and maintenance programming will be provided. In addition, considerations and issues related to construction and remodeling programs will be discussed.

LTC 720 Athletic Administration: Community Centered Educational Athletics—A Character Based Approach to Identifying and Unifying the Whole Team
Character-based school athletics can truly succeed only when the entire community—School Board, Superintendent, Principal, Parents and Boosters—support the values and views lived out daily by students in the school setting. This course shares the strategies necessary to implement programs within the athletic community of athletes, coaches, athletic department personnel, and school faculty. Teachable moments offered through athletics prepare students for the future, especially when everyone supports and reinforces those life lessons. This course will empower the athletic administrator to help motivate in order to be a key figure in helping the school community to understand and embrace important character expectations for the school program.

LTC 724 Athletic Administration: Stress Management Methods, Techniques and Systems
The demands of high intensity daily work, evening and weekend supervision requirements, public expectations, challenging interactions, and limited resources place the athletic administrator in a stressful position. Ways of intervening stress, managing its onset, and using proven methods for reducing its impact are needed. Stress will always be present. Because of the individual nature of perception and preferred response, this course will provide an overview of techniques necessary for coping with the daily demands of an athletic administrator. Examples will include western, eastern, and alternative practices. Demonstrations, activities, videos, and group interactions will be supplemented by sharing of individual experiences

LTC 790 Athletic Administration: Leadership Training Instructional Methods and Techniques

Since its inception, the integrity of the NIAAA LTI program has been maintained through the consistent and accurate delivery of course curricula. LTC 790 ensures the consistent and accurate delivery of all LTI courses by first providing instructors with an awareness of the expectations that are placed upon them as course instructors, and then by providing instructors with the appropriate instructional strategies, methods, and techniques necessary to properly deliver the courses to administrators. Current LTI National Faculty Instructors guide potential LTI instructors through a series of exercises and interactions that demonstrate best practices for the successful teaching all LTI courses. To become an LTI instructor, individuals must complete LTC 501, LTC 790 and the course the individual will be instructing. Required for: LTI instructors

Tuesday, July 19, 2022 at Charlottesville HS at 9 AM

LTC 504 Athletic Administration: Legal Issues I (Liability for Sports Injuries & Risk Management) 
This course provides in-depth coverage of the legal standards governing liability for sports injuries, including the duties imposed by courts and legislatures on athletics administrators, coaches, athletic trainers, and other athletics personnel related to safeguarding the health and well-being of student-athletes and other persons in school sports environments, along with strategies for developing, implementing, and documenting an effective risk management program for interscholastic athletics. Required for: RMSAA, CAA and CMAA Certification

LTC 626 Athletic Administration: Student Athletes – Effects of Alcohol, Chemicals and Nutrition on Body and Performance
Addresses the issues of chemical health and the relationship for the student athlete’s personal health, performance, and long-range effects. Administrators who wish to better understand the effects of all chemical substances on student athletes will benefit. Study includes food, supplements, alcohol and drugs.

LTC 633 Athletic Administration: The Administrations of Interscholastic Athletic Programs for Students with Disabilities
As result of the U.S. Department of Education communication and clarification of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, each school district is encouraged to include disabled students in school extra curriculum athletic programs. This course content and model plans will provide a guide for school districts to implement opportunities for disabled students to participate at the fullest extent of their abilities. All enrollees will strongly benefit because the course alerts and educates school and athletic administrators regarding the school district’s responsibilities in providing opportunities for disabled students.

LTC 640 Athletic Administration: Role of the Urban Athletic Administrator
This course will provide insight and strategies for the leadership of athletic administrators in urban area schools. Additionally, the course will also focus on concerns and/or challenges regarding the value of sports programs in urban area schools. Participants who will derive the greatest benefit: Urban athletic administrators who want to gain useful strategies to make their day-to-day work environment more effective and efficient.